Superbowl Facts

Check out these 10 Superbowl hardcore marketing facts that you may not have known:

Who is the typical Super Bowl attendee and what is the typical length of stay?
The average Super Bowl attendee spends four nights in a hotel. Of the attendees, 85% are from another state, 70-90% arrive by plane, and the average fan spends $1500-$2000 during his stay. Of these visitors,

  • 60% classify their occupation as managerial or professional.
  • 53% earn at least $75,000 a year.
  • 38% earn more than $100,000.
  • 65% are key decision-makers in their company.
  • 60% of the above key decision-makers work at companies who host meetings outside of their corporate headquarters.
  • 70% of these decision-makers would consider holding a meeting in the Host City after visiting because of the positive Super Bowl experience.
  • 20% would consider expanding their present operations in the Host City area.
  • 29% would consider establishing business

How are Super Bowl tickets distributed?
The vast majority of Super Bowl tickets (75%) are distributed to the 32 NFL teams. The participating teams each receive 17.5% of the tickets, the non-participating teams receive 1.1%, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, as the host team, will receive less than 8.8%. The remaining 25% are controlled by the NFL and are distributed primarily to NFL affiliated companies (NFL Properties, NFL Films, NFL Players Association, etc.), the broadcast network, corporate sponsors, media, VIPs, charities, fans and the Host Committee. 

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