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Intouch Solutions Worldwide Staff are available to offer support to all present and prospective clients from the start of the booking process to the end of the event and place a strong emphasis on our commitment to excellence.

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In the event of a disagreement or problem with your package, suite or arrangement try to raise it immediatey with your onsite rep. If the rep is not available then please contact us direct on 1-877-795-3010 ext. 129.

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Intouch Solutions worldwide staff can be contacted immediatey by phone on 1-877-795-3010 ext. 112 or email us on sales@intsworld.com.

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Intouch Solutions Worldwide understand that there may be queries or questions which crop up from time to time while using or intending to uee our service so we have condensed the most frequent enquiries and queries we receive on this page. Please remember your questions or experiences are not limited to these answers so feel free to contact us if the need arises.

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Product Related Questions

Yes. We have a dedicated team of people that source and put together any events that may be requested by our clients. These events can be anything from tickets to a local concert or sporting event, to luxury suites or corporate hospitality packages.

We can source official packages for almost any sporting event.

There are no minimum numbers for an event, although certain facilities will have minimum numbers for private tables or availability in a private luxury suite. The maximum number is dependant on the event and the facilities available but we regularly cater for very large parties.

We generally send out packages approximately 2 weeks before the start of an event. In some cases the actual tickets will be distributed at the events due to value and problems with security.

There are no hidden costs. The price shown is the price to be paid although we will charge extra for additional items such as hotel room or transportation reservation, extra parking and any other extras requested on top of the standard package. You will be notified of the costs of any extras at the time of your request.

Our Operations department will be in contact with you prior to the event to ensure that all dietary requirements are known and ensure that the correct arrangements can be made.

There are several methods of payment. All major credit cards are accepted as well as checks and wire transfers.

The dress code differs slightly for each event although the general rule is business casual.

The majority of packages will include both alcoholic and soft drinks. The contents of each package differs from event to event so contact us for more details.

It is always best to book as early as possible to ensure access to the best possible packages.

You can book any event for which you see the “Book Now” button in the price grid. This includes: NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA, MLB, College Football, College Basketball, Kentucky Derby, Rodeo, WWE, Concerts, Theater, Vegas Shows, Broadway Shows, NASCAR.

Yes. Once you have chosen which event, package and date you wish to book, you will then have the option to choose the amount of packages you wish to purchase. You can also fill out the information form our our site and one of our account executives will reach out to you with the specific information requested.

We update our website with any new events on a very regular basis and have events calendars to help plan for the future. We also send out weekly newsletters to keep clients fully informed of any events that are just on sale or on the horizon.

Suite Questions

Luxury suites are ideal for entertaining your customers and guests in a spacious, private and comfortable environment. The suites provide top-notch entertainment for your guests.

The Luxury Suites open 90 minutes prior to tip off and close one hour after the conclusion of the event..

Each suite customer receives:
  • Suite Ticket access
  • Preferred parking
  • Professional Suite Attendant
  • Company name recognition outside of your suite
  • Private elevator access
  • Private restrooms

Food and beverage must be ordered in advance through Operations Team.

We welcome individual travellers, as well as groups.

We do offer discounts for groups. Depending on the size and event, the discount can vary

We provide an A La Carte approach to all of our events. We definitely can provide packages without tickets.

Absolutely. We can make modifications to any of our pre-designed programs or develop a complete sports, hospitality, or incentive program based on your organization's needs.

Yes! We can provide you with a complete, personalized travel program for any event or destination in America

Clients sometimes ask us for guidance when trying to establish a budget for corporate hospitality. We are unable to provide a hard and fast number, given that your business is governed by an infinite number of details that we are not privy to. We can, however, provide a range of event options based on the interests of your guests and the total number of people you wish to entertain. Each of these options will have its own price point for you to consider. Budgets can be as low as a few Hundred Dollars.

Live concerts are becoming increasingly attractive to corporate hospitality due to their broad appeal to audiences of all kinds. Where some guests a company wishes to entertain may not be enthusiastic about sports, cars or fashion, almost everyone appreciates a good concert featuring a prominent artist.

Our clients take advantage of corporate hospitality packages for a variety of reasons. One of them is the opportunity to engage in team building exercises for executive management. Team building can be accomplished through things such as treasure hunts, Golf with a Pro, NASCAR Racing, Cooking Lessons. Each of these events is specially designed around the client's team building goals. It is our hope that participating management teams are made stronger and more effective through these events

Although they overlap from time to time, both are distinctly different in terms of what we provide. Corporate hospitality usually encompasses some sporting or entertainment event organised and hosted by us at the originator's venue. With event management, DTB comes to you for the purposes of helping you put on a business gathering. Examples of event management services include corporate parties during the summer months or at Christmas time.

It may seem like corporate hospitality tickets are unused if you are watching a sporting event on television or you happen to be taking in the event live. In reality, those tickets are being used more often than not. Rather than spending all of their time in their seats, a good number of corporate hospitality guests are enjoying meals, drinks, and hospitality in other locations while watching the event on closed-circuit television. Empty seats may make it look like tickets are not being used, but they are.

Yes, there is a game day menu in each suite. You can place your order with your Suite Attendant or you may call in the order from your suite phone

Yes, there is space to host an informal meeting in the suite. Most HDTVs in the suites will allow you to hook up your laptop to them with an HDMI cord or an audio/video cord (Bring both just in case, cords are your responsibility).

  • No outside food or beverages are allowed
  • Laptops, tablets, cameras and phones are usually allowed
  • Many venues (including all NFL venues) require that you place items in a clear plastic bag before entering the stadium